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Who Is Ecriva?

Ecriva is owned by Helen Schwake, CSEP. A rummage into her background takes you on a winding path. She's designed English lessons in Japan, written million-dollar grant applications in Germany, coordinated marketing materials in six languages, crafted tech support help for the klutz to the whiz, and created knock-your-socks-off bids for huge US special events. Along the way, she's absorbed a rich diversity of language and ideas that she now shares with clients around the world.


Ecriva’s writing topics have run the gamut from environmental ground cleansing to breeds of dogs, data encryption to perinatal loss. But there is usually an area of greater familiarity, and for Ecriva that would be the Meetings, Incentive, Convention and Events industry. With years of personal experience and further education in the events industry that continues today, the areas of meeting/event production, catering, design, event support services and technical production lie close to our hearts. 


Ecriva is based near Cologne, Germany and has clients around the world. Our flexible work time allows us to meet via Skype or similar tools during your work day, whatever time zone you’re in, and work exchanges take place mostly by email and phone. We write in either British or American English, and have associates that speak English and German. We’ll also help with as much or as little as you like, from proofreading or tweaking existing copy, to starting from scratch.

The next time you are in a time crunch, need a creative boost or simply don’t care for writing yourself; Ecriva is your solution. With an accommodating schedule and no overheads, Ecriva is a cost-effective way to extend your workforce and give your communications the punch they need to grow your business.


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