Your ideas may be extraordinary, your skills remarkable, and your service outstanding; but without the power of conviction, these will fizzle and fade in the shadow of your competitors.
Who exactly are you speaking to and what do they really want? What method of delivery will best speak to your prospect? Ecriva will take your reader on a journey laced with compelling arguments, organized thoughts, carefully crafted language and visual excitement, leaving them crying out for more.

Services include:

  • Client and requirements research
  • Content and theme development
  • Executive summaries
  • Creative presentation
  • Template development



Award submissions, patent applications, responses to Requests For Proposal and government or preferred vendor bids all have one thing in common. Not only do you have to sell yourself, your business or your ideas, you also have to follow the rules! Many an application has been tossed aside for failure to observe rigorous formatting, length or inclusion directives. A better solution is to engage the services of an experienced application writer who can tell a story at the same time. Ecriva’s meticulous attention to detail and talent for clear, convincing statements (with the right word count) has helped numerous organizations sail through the qualifying rounds into the winning circle.

Services include:

  • Award program research
  • Category consultation
  • Interviews
  • Project management
  • Budget preparation
  • Diagrams, charts and appendices
  • Compliance matrix

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When you’re talking about a new product, technology or emerging market, a white paper or informational document can be the way to go. But it’s not always easy to explain new concepts and arguments in a clear, engaging way. With experience in technical support as well as marketing, Ecriva understands the necessity of logical sequencing, clear formatting and targeted language in order to promote your image as a helpful industry leader and to provide your readers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Services include:

  • Competitor research
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Funding applications
  • Articles on technical topics
  • Product specifications


Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, industry platforms or company blogs… it’s important to stay on top of these fast-paced social media channels, but not at the expense of more long-term marketing channels such as websites and printed materials. These old work horses need some love too! Here you might need generalized information that can apply in multiple situations, or maybe it’s a very specific info piece or call to action. Either way, they will be there long after your tweets are old news, and deserve a higher priority than they often receive. Ecriva can give your traditional marketing a facelift with benefits-driven copy and a message that’s as unique as you are. And for social marketing needs, ask us about our partnerships.


While faxes and AOL email addresses may one day make a comeback, for now they’re rather passé when it comes to making a stunning first impression. If your competitors are leaping ahead with cloud-based presentations and coordinated social media strategies, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach. Ecriva’s service offerings include creative concepts for presentations that tie into the content and grab attention and curiosity before the package is even open. Don’t just woo them… wow them!

Services include:

  • Image sourcing
  • Creative packaging
  • Format consultation
  • Formats include but are not limited to: Word, Powerpoint, Prezi, InDesign


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