Reaping Awards

Let’s face it, we all like to win, and business awards are no exception. Trophies and certificates are pretty and would look very nice in your office. Whether your award applications so far have been unsuccessful, or you have not yet taken the plunge, the secret to winning starts with the mindset. The true benefit of a win is the PR and the credibility. If you were looking for a professional, wouldn’t you want ‘the best…’, ‘the most…’, ‘the top…’? Superlatives really are super for business! Thus a business award reaches beyond the realm of wall decoration and into your marketing strategy. Give your applications the time and attention they deserve: write fees into your budget, schedule time for writing, and above all believe in your potential to win.

Carefully consider which category to enter. Sometimes less obvious choices have fewer entries or allow yours to stand out. The rules and regulations themselves vary widely among awards programs; however they have one thing in common: they must be followed to the letter. Think of your application as a proposal to a client or investor, but remember the judges are smart and will see through devices like flowery language or creative administration.

If you don’t win the first time, don’t be discouraged. Re-work the application for other projects and use what you have learned on the journey. The day you bring home the bling, you will not only be bursting with pride, you will have a public statement of your accomplishment. Time to write a press release and prepare for new customers.

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