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Build excitement for an ethnic cuisine offered in authentic form. Help restaurant and catering customers understand its heritage and nuances.


Research and write a short article to accompany the release of a restaurant’s new menu, and provide a basic layout for in-house printing. The article would be used for both print and web.


“Helen captured exactly what I was looking for with clear concise information presented in a friendly descriptive fashion – perfect for those clients who might otherwise shy away from a menu a little out of the ordinary.”

…Mediterranean cuisine is most commonly known for the bright flavors of Italian, Greek and Provençal cooking. And yet beyond basil and wine, there is the bold scent of intricate spices and culinary traditions of forgotten empires. The cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean stems from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks and Venetians, whose long history of imperial colonization and trade by means of sea routes has rendered a rich blend of culture and culinary practices. Food plays an integral role in the generous hospitality of the region’s peoples and is based on the plentiful fruits of the fertile land.

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